Jamie Foxx Attributes His Youthfulness at 49 to Drake and Kanye West

It was while interviewing Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan about their new action crime thriller Sleepless that Foxx declared that 49 were the new 29. He obviously said this because he had just celebrated his 49th birthday the month before.

This was when Foxx piped in with some of his rules for staying young. He stated that he had noticed that people in his business had to stay active and stay fun. He cracked that they had to dye the right parts of their hair as needed, and hang out with younger people. He also said that his hanging out with Drake and Kanye West made everyone else think that he was a lot younger for his age. When asked if he was also hanging out with Drake and his new girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, he just laughed it off, saying it was their own private matter.

Judging by his massive biceps in Sleepless, it’s quite obvious that Foxx is particular about, and has maintained good shape. Foxx plays a cop in Sleepless, where a Las Vegas crime boss had kidnapped his son. Foxx said that his arms were not naturally large and that those were stunt arms clicked in for the scene.

Monaghan is a detective hunting down crooked cops and it was during a dramatic fight sequence that she chipped Foxx’s tooth after hitting him in the mouth. Monaghan recalled that while she was surprised that she had chipped his tooth then he told her to continue with the scene. They were then back to normal the next day.

Foxx said that his best childhood friend was an Atlanta dentist, where they were shooting. So he just called his friend up and he fixed Foxx up in time for the next shoot. Sleepless is slotted to release in theaters on January 13th.

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