Jenelle Evans Lashes Out at MTV

Lack of gratitude, forgetting where she came from, call it what you want, but Jenelle Evans has had a history with turning her back on those that have done the most for her.

The star from the hit show “Teen Mom 2” has decided to go public with her efforts to trash talk both the producers and the network for the editing that has taken place concerning the way she interacts with her family. Fans of the show can only be left to believe that she missed out on the memo stating any storylines are basically constructed in the edit.

Her latest tangent is in response that Jenelle and her fiance, David Eason, are both constantly in a dramatic dispute with her mom, Barbara Evans, as portrayed by the network.

In a rage of anger, she decided to do what any responsible young mother would do. She provided her Facebook followers with a throwback post of the three of them sharing an Uber ride to go out for dinner together.

But Jenelle couldn’t simply provide the post and allow the audience to make a decision for themselves, she felt the urge to go on, displaying her true feeling about the show’s producers.

“Of course MTV never showed the night me, David, and my mom all went out without any kids and had a great time,” was displayed in the caption of the year old Facebook memory. “They would never want to show the three of us getting along.”

Considering the fact that Jenelle was constantly in the presence of the “Teen Moms 2” camera crew, you would imagine this family night on the town would have been an event that was featured on one of the shows throughout the series.

That being said, fans of the show are left clueless when it comes to the stories the show’s producers are aiming to create for the cast. Jenelle has had no issue with making it clear she would like to end her time as a member of the show’s cast and go on to create her own show, allowing her to have more control of the editing process.

Some fans have shown sympathy for Jenelle, after all, one can only imagine how frustrating it would have to be having your image represented in a negative way. But, you would think that each of the cast members are fully aware of this possibility when they make the decision to be a part of a show that has a reputation for its controversy.