Jennifer Aniston slams pregnancy rumors, sexism on interview with Ellen DeGeneres

For some quite time, there have been numerous rumors suggesting that “Friends” star, Jennifer Aniston may be pregnant. The rumors started after photos suggesting that the star was on a baby pump surfaced online. All the pregnancy rumors were the talk on Ellen talk show, and the actress went to explain in-depth how her life is under negative scrutiny from tabloids that publish unconfirmed and malicious news. One subject of the talk show was an essay which the actress wrote earlier this year giving her stance on issues of sexism in Hollywood.

The 47-year-old Hollywood A-list star told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that she was feeling “raw” after the demise of her mom Nancy Dow when she had just been on holiday with her husband, Justin Theroux. The scene at the airport wasn’t a good one immediately the couple landed, and the actress recalls being “swamped by paparazzi who believed that the actress was pregnant after photos of her showing baby bump surfaced online.” Jennifer went on to say that the craze was too much and even wondered if Kim Kardashian had anything to do with what has happening to her at the airport.

The actress also went on the offensive against the tabloids and suggested that women too have a host of other responsibilities besides having babies as suggested by the tabloids craze. Aniston called on the viewers to “digest any information they read from tabloids and maybe stop listening and buying the tabloids that have a reputation of reporting on B.S.” She finished the interview by suggesting that it is up to women to decide on what makes them happy, and it necessarily doesn’t have to be anything to do with children.

Earlier this year, the actress published an essay on Huffington Post describing how tabloid stories portray sexism and how the experiences have impacted her life. Aniston laments the way the tabloids exploits her looks for a sexual bargain is a reflection of how the mainstream society view women based on beauty standards.

From the DeGeneres interview, it comes out that Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant as the many tabloids may have suggested. It happens Jennifer Aniston is a star who has gorgeous looks, and the never ending attention in her life means that any rumor can come up based on any slightest wardrobe or body change we observe from her. She may have set things straight that she is not pregnant, but that doesn’t mean that it will be the end of the pregnancy story.

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