Jennifer Lopez Reveals that As She Had Kids Late, She Thought It Wouldn’t Happen To Her

Of all the things Jennifer Lopez has, she considers her two children Emme and Max her biggest blessings. It was in February 2008 that the 38 year old Shades of Blue star greeted her twins with her present ex-husband Marc Anthony.

She had opened up to Savannah Guthrie about how her ‘coconuts’ had changed her life during the Today show on Thursday morning. She said that they made life so much better for her and that she was grateful to them for it.

Lopez confessed that she was grateful for her twins because there was a point in her life when she thought she wouldn’t have kids. She said that as she had kids late, she almost feared she would not have any. She also stated that she knew that her kids were a blessing, and that she didn’t take them for granted at all.

It was last week when Lopez shared an emotional accolade for her kids’ ninth birthdays on Instagram that her fans realized how much she loved her kids. She had shared a collage of their best family moments and had addressed Emme and Maximilian saying that she could not believe that God had given her the biggest blessings of her life 9 years ago.

She said that God had then sent her two beautiful babies, full of her love and life. She also stated that she had immediately felt a bond with them, and was caring and full of emotion for being the luckiest woman on the earth. She said that she harbored the same feelings all the time since then.

She proudly continued that they made her feel proud every moment, everyday and that the two shining lights made life so much better and beautiful for her and everyone who was fortunate enough to know them.

She thanked the Lord for making her Emme’s and Max’s mom and that even the word ‘love’ could not define what her heart and soul felt when she thought of them. She then wished them a Happy Birthday and told them that she loved them so much.

As the ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ singer is so busy with her TV show, Bye Bye Birdie rehearsals, and her Las Vegas residency and much more, Lopez said that she and her children had become gypsies as they were always traveling.

When asked how she managed everything, she replied that she took each day at a time and that they were doing the best possible.

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