Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Share the First Photo of Their Twin Babies

Jensen Ross Ackles is an American director cum actor known for his hit roles in Tv series such as Dark Angel and Day of Our lives which earned him several awards. He had also seen in the lead in movies like My Blood Valentine 3D and also animation movie Batman: Under the Red Hood portraying Jason Hood.

Ackles is one of the handsome hunk of the film industry and after three long years of dating, he got married to a model, gymnast, and actress Danneel Harris in May 2010. They get their first precious child, a daughter in May 2013. Later In august 2016 they shared that they were expecting twins, a girl and a boy. On December 02, 2016 the twins were born.

Now Danneel Harris and Jensen Ackles finally shared their precious and a beautiful gift with the rest of the world!
This 38-year-old star finally took on to Instagram to share the very first photo of his newborn gorgeous twins babies, whom the couple welcomed into the world in the month of November.

Ackles posted “#family #happy2017″ with an excellent black and white photo.

The pic that the couple posted on their Inst page is appeared to be taken from above angle with the family lying on the bed on the ground, cuddling up close together with their babies. In the pic, Ackles is feeding the twins – Arrow Rhodes and Zeppelin Bram- their bottles, while the mom and the 3-year-old big sis Justice Jay are smiling, lying in the opposite direction.

The beautiful couple welcomes their twins on December 02, in this world and announcing the news through their Insta Account. Jensen wrote, ” Danneel, I and our daughter JJ are excited to share announce the birth of our twins Arrow Rhodes and Zeppelin Cram”. Jensen also added, ” They were born yesterday morning and everyone is happy, doing great!”

The couple who had worked with each other in One Tree Hill had early announced in august 2016 about the Danneel’s pregnancy and they are expecting to have the twins.

E!News once interviewed the 38-year-old star Jensen in back 2013, when he had become the newly proud father. E!NEws asked Jensen how he manages filming and fatherhood at the same time. He replied, “It’s been difficult and I had to make some adjustments to maintain the balance.” He also added “I said different gear and friend of mine days the different gear? the situation is like that for me now and I am adjusting with that, however, I am happy too.”

The New Year had brought the double dose of Happiness in their life and may god bless their child. Our prayers are always with them.

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