Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr Are Engaged Once Again

Those who thought Teen Mom drama rotated around teenage girls who delivered on reality television, then you are wrong as Teen Mom revolves around the moms and their friends, family and other significant people.

It also usually involves MTV, the channel which made them rich and famous. People like all this mischief, which is proven through Jeremy Calvert’s exciting love life. Jeremy was seen Teen Mom 2 as he was married to Leah Messer for some time and had a child with her.

He’s not involved with Leah much these days besides co-parenting, and he’s not seen on the show much too. But people still are curious about what he’s up to, perhaps as he’s not up to any good.

Jeremy had dated Brooke Wehr since 2015 and bits of the roller-coaster relationship have been shown on Teen Mom2. Jeremy was shown dumping kid for Brooke’s and Leah embarrassed herself out of Brooke’s jealousy. Next Brooke and Jeremy were seen breaking up on Instagram last week, announced through memes.

Brooke posted memes stating that she had to let go as he’d let go long back and she’d realized it’s now her time. Another meme read that it was painful when someone made you special one day and unwanted another.

Jeremy’s memes read that holding on sometimes did more damage than letting go and that that rightly described him. While no one knows the reasons for the split, rumors say that MTV’s poor editing was at fault.

There was a scene where Leah spoke about Jeremy’s engagement to Brooke where she mentioned that he didn’t think much about the engagement. If you thought this was bad, get your facts right first as Jeremy and Brooke are back together.

While sharing a screenshot of the story blaming Teen Mom for their breakup, Brooke said that they hadn’t split up because of that story. She insisted she had to clarify things as she repeatedly found stories blaming the scene for their breakup when it wasn’t.

Jeremy then shared a picture of Brooke and himself with a caption- “though we have fights, arguments, and short breakups; we still strive to make things work out.”

He also said that Brooke was a great stepmom to his child and as Brooke made her happy, he wanted Brooke to stay around his child. He also stated that he loved her despite their fights and arguments, giving us all the more reason to congratulate Jeremy and Brooke on their second engagement!

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