Here is Why Justin Beiber Believes Instagram is an Earthly Hell

In a concert held at London on Tuesday, Justin Beiber made it loud and clear to his fans that he had no intention of returning to Instagram in the future. Further ranting on how Instagram is similar to an “earthly hell”, the “Sorry” singer said that he would not double-tap any photos and post them on the photo-sharing app ever again. 

The whole drama began when Beliebers expressed their dislike towards Beiber’s previous girlfriend, Sofia Richie on Instagram. It was in August when Justin and Sofia were last spotted in Tokyo, holding hands and strolling in leisure. However, the couple reportedly split up in September following a month-long romance. 

Initially, Beiber posted a black-and-white selfie of himself with Richie and tagged it with a caption, threatening his followers to stop the hateful comments and appealing them to be more graceful about his choices and personal life, considering the fact that they were fans and not haters. 

To add fuel to the fire, Beiber’s ex-girlfriend and famous pop star, Selena Gomez posted a comment on the photo advising him that he should keep the photographs private as they symbolize intimate moments between the couple, and that there is absolutely no reason to accuse his fans for being hateful. 

This further spurred the war of words between the 22-year old, “Love yourself” crooner and his ex, with the former accusing her of using him to garner unnecessary attention and even cheating on him with One-Direction singer, Zayn Malik. 

That was when Beiber decided enough is enough and deactivated his Instagram account immediately to get away from all the raving and ranting. Following the feud with Gomez, he did return back for two weeks, but soon after that he quit Instagram once again and this time forever. As for Selena, she did express regret and sadness over the online spat on Snapchat and said that her attitude was extremely selfish and pointless. 

Meanwhile, Justin recently wrapped up the European leg of his “Purpose World Tour and was last spotted going around in London on Monday. While he has dropped out of the photo-sharing app permanently, he appears to be a great fan of Facebook and Twitter, wherein he sent out a “Thank you” message to his European Beliebers on Tuesday. 

On a related note, Beiber also announced that he would soon embark on his South America tour. Thereafter, he would go back home and take occasional pictures of himself lying by the pool but never upload them on Instagram for his fans to see. Well, seems like the hit-maker does hate the photo-sharing app with some passion, and only time will tell whether his intentions stay put or not.

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