Justin Bieber Says The Weeknd Is Wack After Spotting Him Kiss Selena Gomez

Woah! You just have to see what Justin Bieber had to say when he cursed The Weeknd’s music!

Justin Bieber, 22, did not have anything to say on January 15th about his ex Selena Gomez, aged 24, starting a new relationship with The Weeknd, 26. However, things have changed as JB had something to say about on January 20th about Selena’s new interest and his music.

It was while Justin Bieber was asked if he could listen to The Weeknd’s song from his new video, that he gave a vague response. Justin said as he was entering his car that, he could not listen to a song by Weeknd because he was lame and crummy.

That’s something harsh from Justin, which proves that he does have some strong feelings about Selena’s new found relationship.

The drama surrounding Selena and The Weeknd’s new relationship has muddled things up. Justin and Selena were dating intermittently, but things didn’t work out well. They had gotten into a fight on August 2016 when Selena had passed a comment about Justin’s Instagram of the 18-year-old Sophia Richie. While he had said that he just craved some attention, she declared that he had cheated!

Things are not better on The Weeknd’s side as it was only about two months after the end of his relationship with the model Bella Hadid, 20 that he was spotted with Selena. To make things even more complicated, Selena is also Bella’s older sister, Gigi Hadid’s, 21, friend!

According to reports, Gigi had tried her best to patch up things between Bella and Sel. A source informed HollywoodLife.com some time ago that Gigi was wholly supporting Bella, and had advised her to do what she thought was best for them. However, in the end, Gigi just wished that they could all sit down and talk over things once things cooled down.

In the midst of all this, according to Us Weekly, the team leader Taylor Swift aged 26 did not want any part of in all this and wanted to stay out of the entire episode. Taylor supposedly was on good terms with everyone, and intends it to remain that way, which is not surprising!

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