Kanye West’s Focus Two Months After Hospitalization: Family and “Surprise Projects”

Kanye West seems to be feeling a lot better. He is now stronger and faster after only two months of hospitalization due to exhaustion. As the Grammy award winner tries to keep a low profile lately, an E! News source shared that the rapper’s mental state has also improved.

“His kids are his number one priority for him and he wants to be a good dad and make his mother proud… He thinks about her every day,” the E! News insider share.

Another update is that Kanye feels more on track as he gets his feet, went on several business opportunities hidden away from the public eye. He probably thinks that he should not bask under the heat of the spotlight for a while and use his recovery time on more important things. It is no secret that his life as Kim Kardashian’s husband is never a quiet one. His hospitalization was an opportunity to have some private time with his family and himself.

“Kanye has a few surprise projects coming up that involves music and concerts in the spring and summer… Plus, he is working on his fashion line and some collaborations,” our reliable source relayed.

For those of you who do not recall, Kanye West cancelled his Saint Pablo Tour before he was admitted himself voluntarily into the hospital. He was hoping to resume the tour as early as January 2017. After that, multiple E! News sources confirmed that it was just too early for the man.

“Kanye wants to finish the tour. He loves his show… He wants everyone In the world to see it,” a source about the tour told E! News.

Kim Kardashian has been very supportive of her husband throughout his process of recovery. She has been doing this despite dealing with her own troubles after the robbery in Paris. Both appear to be moving forward as a happily united couple. This is proof that they are showing their commitment to their marriage vows, though trials come along.

“Kim is in really great place right now… Kim and Kanye are very happy,” a source, close to the couple shared with E! News.