Karrueche dares the cold L.A weather for her The Bay scenes

If you mistook Karrueche for a ‘softie’ then you should think again. She is not, after all, the party girl that everyone takes her for. She can put on the soldier armor and have her best foot forward. The actor in her career budding days proved to be a soldier as she took LA cold weather in a bikini for her upcoming The Bay beach scenes.

Just like she is all there for the party scenes, she seems to be ready for any weather when it comes to work time. She and her co-starring, Kristos Andrews, faced the cold at 55 degrees and had to pretend that it was all summer out there. It proves to what lengths KT can let go of her silver platter life and be out there earning what puts food on her dining table.

The series has earned her an award

Part of her motivation to brave the cold might be the encouragement she gets from winning an award for her series. The Bay has already bagged a Daytime Emmy award and will be probably up for many other awards. Now that she has shown her determination to make it everybody’s favorite, it will not be a surprise if the third season will break previous viewership records.

I bet you can’t wait to see the scenes on your screens when the season is finally out, so do we.

Chris Brown could not help but post KT’s photo out in the cold

Just guess who recently posted Karrueche’s photos from the beach scenes? If you guessed Chris Brown then you are right. ‘Breezy’ shared on social media one of KT’s beach scenes photos and he seems to be approving of her hard work. Who better notice your efforts than an estranged ex-boyfriend? It seems KT is having the last laugh as she gets admiration for the least expected quarters.

Did you believe that Karrueche could be so determined to earn for her bills? Now you do. For this one she deserves a thumps up and all the smiles to the bank to withdraw what many are now calling ‘cold hearted’ money (we hope she did not turn into a cold-blood for being out so long in the breezing weather). Call it whatever you may, but KT is constantly building her acting career come what weather.

Go, go KT, scale up your career no matter what weather the scenes demand. She deserves that cheer for being out there in cold, don’t you agree?

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