Katy Perry Clarifies that ‘No One is a Victim or Villain’ with Respect to Her Split with Orlando Bloom

It is true that Kate Perry and Orlando Bloom may have split up earlier this week. According to the “Chained to the Rhythm’ singer’s message for everyone, things do not seem to be that bad between the two. She wanted everyone to know that the split couple still loved each other after their separation.

Perry had earlier mentioned the end of her relationship with her partner in an earlier new tweet. In addition to this, she had also set some things straight by telling everyone how she was dealing with the break up.

She had started her tweet by asking readers a question about what their view was about starting a new method of thinking for the year 2017. She had then said that it was possible to still remain friends and even love your former partner. She next declared that everyone had to get a life as no one was a victim or a villain.

According to E! News, though the pair, who had been together for about a year, had separated, it looked like the two enjoyed each other’s company when they were seen together at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

Their executives had also made an announcement about the present status of their relationship a few hours after the yearly affair. They said that they wanted to make some things clear before any gossip or fabrications got out of hand by confirming that both Orlando and Katy were at the moment enjoying some respectful and loving space.

An E! News informant further clarified a short while later that the two were indeed still in love with each other. The informant also mentioned that while there was a chance of them getting back together later, it would happen only after they got their space.

Another source had information that the split in the relationship between Perry and Bloom was something they had mutually decided upon.

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