Katy Perry and Lady Gaga are Part of Legal Battle Against Dr. Luke

Since 2014, pop phenomenon Ke$ha (who now goes by Kesha Rose) has been in a lengthy court battle with Dr. Luke. Luke who previously worked on her albums Animal and Warrior allegedly got more intimate than he should have and Kesha has alleged he raped her.

Since filing those charges, there have been numerous suits and countersuits that have been filed by both parties. Kesha claims Dr. Luke is now trying to snub out her music career, while Dr. Luke is alleging all of this is an act of defamation so Kesha can move on to a more lucrative contract with another label.

On December 26, 2016 the case took a new turn when both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga became involved in the legal battle. All this is the result of a text message that was sent from Kesha to Lady Gaga in April 2016. How it involves Katy and what the overall nature of the text message is being kept strictly confidential. However, Dr. Luke’s camp has suggested that the text message further supports their claims that she is attempting to extort the producer to break her contract.

Gaga has shown her support for Kesha through the entire time. Having remained very vocal about how disgusted she feels that Kesha is being shamed for speaking up in the situation. While Katy Perry has not said a word about the entire incident.

Kesha still remains confident that things will continue to remain positive for her as she continues her legal claims in New York. In addition to that, she has gone on to record 22 new songs and sent them to parent company RCA in an effort to continue her attempts to save her career after announcing earlier this week that she was penniless. However, with a vested interest by Luke’s label that owns stake in her contract, Kemosabe, she may have to wait longer until that music sees the light of day.

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