Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Twinning with Their Brunette to Blond Hair Transformations

Perhaps Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been spending a bit too much time with each other.

Katy Perry debuted her newly bleached and dyed blond bob, one Saturday evening as she attended artist Sam Ibrahim’s new art exhibit in Palm Springs. It was just a day after the surprise birthday party she organized for her equally gorgeous boyfriend, Orlando Bloom.

Being boldly blond suits Katy so much. It is not known to many that Katy Perry is a natural blond. With her rediscovered hair color, she twins with her British actor boyfriend. Orlando also transformed himself from brunette to blond just a few months back. Hair color has never been an issue for Orlando Bloom. Just about any hair color suits the talented Lord of the Rings actor.

The same applies to Katy, of course. How could you deny the fact that she is no less beautiful and stunning? You cannot dismiss that Katy is very well known to wear colorful hair-dos and wigs during her lively performances. This hair transformation is not a major surprise at all.

Orlando’s mother arrived as an extra special surprise during his 40th birthday celebration. It was a touching moment for mother and son. He even posted a sweet photograph of him and his mother hugging each other. The caption he wrote was “Best gift ever! Surprise visit from me mum.”

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were guests during the shindig. They mingled and mixed in their personal onesies adorned with Orlando’s face. It was truly a birthday bash, solely for Orlando. Katy even shared the video of Orlando the birthday boy, when he was blowing out the candles of his birthday cake that had a huge owl on top. She made Orlando’s birthday very special.

Most of the party’s details were not shared at all. It just showed everyone that they would go to certain lengths to make each other feel very special. Not all couples twin up and give special surprises to each other.

Ultimately, matching hair dye jobs is one of the best ways to show the world how happy and comfortable you are as a couple.

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