Kendall Jenner Confronts Plastic Surgery Rumors

Kendall Jenner makes plastic surgery revelations. It was last month that Kylie Jenner had shared a video on Snapchat after doing Kendall’s makeup. As Kendall’s pout looked rather plump in the video, people wondered if she, like her younger sister, had gone under the knife.

Though Kylie had immediately eliminated any more theories by informing her fans and followers that she had used her famous ‘over-lining’ lips strategy on Kendall, people still speculated that Kendall had gotten injected.

Kendall decided to finally deny everything through her app on Wednesday. She wrote that people said the reason for her deleting her Instagram account in November was to get a full facial reconstruction.

She also wrote that they may have been referring to the day Kylie and she had done a live stream for her book and as they were in a hurry, she had let Kylie do her face. Kendall said she never wore any lip liner or lipstick other than red and nude lips were usually just gloss.

She continued saying that as they were in a hurry, she had left her make up on and that she loved her makeup as it made her feel so pretty. But there were suddenly photos with headlines like ‘Look at Kendall’s cheekbones and nose- she has had her lips done and had gotten a full facial reconstruction.’ which she described as CRAZY.

She hadn’t addressed the matter immediately as she thought people would think she was defending herself as she was guilty. However as she saw things unfolding and going bad, she decided to accept blame through Snapchat.

Kendall stated as she was a model, it wouldn’t benefit her to go under the knife. She said that everything was so tiring, and why would she as a model have her face reconstructed? She even said that it didn’t make sense and that she sometimes felt people said such things just to make her lose.

She ended her post reminding everyone that she too was a person and that people generally forgot that they were gossiping about real people who had real feelings and who spent most of their days just like anyone else.

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