Kendall Jenner and family provide support to Bella Hadid after the Revelation of Selena and The Weeknd’s Romance

Bella Hadid was in a foul mood upon hearing the shocking news of The Weeknd dating Selena Gomez. The couple had openly declared their relationship last week through photos showing them kissing outside a restaurant in Los Angeles.

While paparazzi followed Bella around and photographed her in a bad mood then walking in New York City, she now seems to be in a much better mood. It was her friends and family who provided her the support and comfort to feel better.

While she answered she was feeling great to the paparazzi, she did it while sticking her finger at them in contempt. Bella seemed to be in a better mood over the weekend as she was seen smiling all the time with her mother Yolanda Hadid and sister Gigi Hadid while in the city.

Yolanda, in fact, wrote on Instagram that #GirlsNight #ThreeMusketeers #Together #AlwaysAndForever was funny.

Bella was also seen hanging out with some friends like Kendall Jenner, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model for the year 2016. They were seen at a Madison Square Garden memorial concert which was organized as a tribute to A$AP Yams who had passed away a couple of years ago. Bella had posted pictures and videos on the social media of herself spending time together with Kendall and other pals.

It was an awkward situation then as The Weeknd was one of the performers at the concert, and it wasn’t certain if there was any interaction between the two. However, Bella had flown to Paris later that night on a private plane.

According to an E! News informant last week, Bella hadn’t completely forgotten The Weeknd, and though they seemed to be on good terms after releasing their breakup last November, she was still bitter about his current affair with Selena.

They, however, have been seen a few times together post the split. They were seen before and during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 as she had performed for the show walking the runway. Bella had then declared to E! News that there wasn’t any form of awkwardness between the two, and that she considered him to be her ‘best friend.’