Kendall Jenner Under Fire for Her New Vogue India Cover

The internet has been divisive, to say the least about Kendall Jenner’s new cover image.

The KUWTK star is facing backlash for being a Caucasian woman on the cover of the 10th-anniversary issue of Vogue India.  The issue hit newsstands on Wednesday, May 3 and readers have been complaining ever since.  They would have prepared an Indian model or celebrity instead of Kendall.


Vogue posted the cover on their Instagram page and got a slew of disapproving comments.


“Looks like there are not enough Indian models to celebrate your anniversary. Pity,” one user vented, while another stated, “She is beautiful but I’m pretty sure in a county of over 1 billion they could have found an Indian! If they want international phenomena Priyanka (Chopra) and Deepika (Padukone) are huge right now.”



Here are a few other angry tweets by readers:



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The cover was taken by famous industry photog, Mario Testino at the Samoda Palace in Jaipur, India.  The 21-year old is wearing a lace Saint Laurent dress.

“Different elements of India have influenced my world – and in turn this issue,” he explained. “It’s the people, the art, the colours, the elephants and everything in between. I wanted to bring my world truly to this amazing nation, by shooting the issue in India. I wanted it to stay true to the Indian spirit,” said Testino.


Vogue India responded to the criticism by posting a message on their social media.  They said that a few clarifications were in order and that “India has given the world so many beautiful faces to admire. After all, we are Vogue, an international brand, and we want to give the love back by featuring some of the best international celebrities on our covers. Occasionally!”

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The model has acquired several faux pas under her belt lately, starting with her appearance in the highly contested Pepsi commercial to her promotion of the debacle that turned out to be the Fyre Festival.  Things happen, but let’s hope this is her last in a string of missteps.