Kesha Has Dr. Luke Legal Troubles

Kesha rarely speaks on camera, but she broke down in tears during an interview on Noisey, and it was all due to her legal battle with Dr. Luke.

The ongoing feud has lasted for over two years, and Kesha claims that it’s an emotional ordeal that’s stained her music career. She worked for many years as a backup singer and didn’t get much credit.

But she didn’t mind because she knew that she would eventually be a star due to hard work. Now that she’s a star, it hurts to have it all taken away. Per Kesha, “Sorry, I just think about it and it makes me upset.

Why is there a legal battle? Kesha claims that Dr. Luke raped her. However, Dr. Luke denies the allegation. Kesha sued Dr. Luke and tried to get out of her contract. Dr. Luke filed a defamation countersuit.

The Noisey interview was recorded two months before Kesha’s sexual allegation lawsuit was dropped. Her lawyer says that Kesha wants to get back to work, and she has recorded 28 new songs.

Even though the lawsuit was dropped against Dr. Luke, the legal battle still exists. Kesha wasn’t able to get out of her contract, which angered fans. She appealed the judge’s ruling.

Kesha is still on Dr. Luke’s Kemosable label, which is owned by Sony music. Sony says that they’ve done everything possible to ensure that she doesn’t have to interact with Dr. Luke. But according to Kesha, Sony is just trying to save face. She says Dr. Luke is still making most of the decisions about her album.

“True Colors” is Kesha’s first new released track in three years, and it went to number 74 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart. This is one of 22 songs that Kesha recorded for Sony during the summer. Hopefully, Kesha’s fans will hear this new music soon. She is trying desperately to get back on track and sing music that is true to her roots. Kesha wants to be heard and appreciated.