Kesha’s Team’s Presented Emails Suggest Dr. Luke Condemned Kesha’s Weight Loss Attempts

According to emails submitted to a New York court as part of Kesha’s efforts to discontinue relations with Dr. Luke and their more than 2-year court battle, Dr. Luke had secretly castigated about Kesha’s weight loss attempts to her manager while working together.

Kesha’s lawyers included the messages while filling requests to invalidate two record contracts Kesha had signed with Dr. Luke so that she would be free from him and would be able to repair her emotional, physical and mental health.

Luke’s attorney responded that Kesha and her attorneys were misleading things by not proving Kesha Sebert and her representatives’ bad faith which damaged them. He said that it showed Dr. Luke’s support for Kesha about personal and artistic matters, including her weight issues.

The attorney also said that instead of agreeing through disclosure, Kesha and her representatives wrongly publicized three misquoted emails which didn’t show the entire picture of the concerned matters and that Dr. Luke anticipated justification in Court.

This legal battle between the two had started in 2014 and had blocked her music career. She had sued him in a Los Angeles court to invalidate their recording agreements by claiming he had emotionally, physically, verbally and sexually abused her. While he denied any crime, she said he had called her a ‘fat f**king refrigerator,’ which referred to her weight which made her develop bulimia and attempt suicide.

Luke filed a slander case in New York and 2016; the judge withheld Kesha’s request to release music without Luke’s authority. Though she had dropped her sexual abuse claims a few months later, his defamation countersuit persists.
Her attorneys in 2012 included email exchanges in the filing where Luke had sent Kesha’s manager Monica Cornia an email and link to an article ‘Global Weight Gain is WORSE Than Increasing population, but it’ s not clear who had started the conversation.

Cornia replied half an hour later that Kesha had cried on the way home because of Luke. Luke responded that they were worried about her breaking her diet as it had happened a few times, practically every day. He said their concern grew when A-list producers and songwriters hesitated to give Kesha songs because of her weight.

Cornia replied that Kesha worked hard and that it wasn’t right embarrassing her for drinking a Diet Coke in front of the entire room. She said she would have understood if they were trying to lose or gain weight and that while everyone looks forward to Kesha doing her best, she was still a human being with feelings and insecurities and that Luke should support that.

Luke replied that no one had called anyone and that they discussed how she could follow a more disciplined diet as she had broken her diet plan many times. This time Diet Coke and turkey broke it when she was on an all juice fast. He said they wanted her to stick to her diet for her betterment and career benefits, to help her follow the diet and that Monica needn’t further reply.

Monica said that Kesha was drinking juice to lose weight. She stated that if Kesha drank a diet coke and ate turkey, she would tell her not to and eat a cucumber instead. She stated that Kesha was doing great and Monica would rather be supportive than critical as Kesha wasn’t a machine to do whatever they wanted.

She also said that she would respond if she felt necessary to which Luke replied that he was up later than her so he would get the last word. While Monica suggested making a bet to that, it’s not clear who had ended the email exchange.

It was in another email thread that Monica had written to her bosses about Luke’s and Kesha’s dispute over the lyrics of one of her songs and where Luke had said he didn’t care what she wanted. Monica also wrote that Luke had said that if Kesha were smart, she would sing the song.

Luke’s attorney gave a rebuttal stating that the emails didn’t mention that Crazy Kids lyrics were rewritten at Kesha’s demand. The attorney also suggested that any contrary claims by Kesha were just to deceive the public like her other claims of Dr. Luke’s crimes.

Kesha’s lawyers last filed that Luke had breached the agreement not only through years of physical threats and abuse to Kesha but also by unreasonably and purposely delaying her new album’s production.
The case continues the next week with a telephonic conference with the judge.

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