Has Khloe Kardashian Just Broken Up with Tristan Thompson?

Hungry for some juicy but sad gossip? Did you know that Khloe Kardarshian had lately gotten serious with Tristan Thompson and the grapevine says she’s pregnant with his child? There are also rumors that they have organized a unique reality show wedding. If this wasn’t enough to convince you, Khloe has personally declared that she and Tristan are in love.

All this makes it look like things were serious between them, which were till Khloe recently posted a post on her website listing her personal dating rules. Khloe had revealed that she was traditional in many ways and while she didn’t think there were any steadfast rules to go dating, she did have some preferences.

She did mention that dinner was essential on the first date as coffee was too casual. She’s also ardent about setting the right tones for affairs. For example, according to Khloe, if both she and a guy were shy on the first meeting, she considered texting an easier option.

She said she enjoyed instructing people on how to treat her and that once the affair kicked off, she’d start calling up to announce what she wanted. She believed that people had to be taught how to treat you by first doing and telling them things which you wanted them to say and do to you.

The reason for this? Khloe stated that you just could not expect anyone to know what to do as no one could read minds! That was unacceptable to Khloe as she admonished that if you liked apple cake, you had to tell her lest she wasted her time making carrot cake for you!

While Khloe did say that she didn’t mind being asked out through a text message, she wasn’t so flexible about who paid the bill on the first day. According to her, the guy had to pay on the first day. She said that while it was okay for the girl to offer to pay, later on, she wouldn’t set that as an example for the rest of the relationship.
Looking at Khloe’s views, they all made sense and seemed fair but for one thing. You do wonder why she was thinking so much about dating if she was serious about Tristan! Of course, she may have written the post some time back, or she was just providing some generic information to her fans, but it still does lead to speculation!

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