The Kids of these Infamous Drug Lords Love Posting Their Crazy Lifestyle on Instagram

There’s definitely more than one way to make a buck, whether you go to college for years and work hard to get a degree or work your way up in the ranks of a company from an entry-level gig, you can eventually earn yourself a pretty nice living.  Then there those who acquire wealth through the distribution of copious amounts of narcotics sprinkled with the suffering of their fellow citizens, a la one Mexican family who flashes images of their luxurious lifestyle dripping in cash, gold, weaponry, women in bikinis, and an occasional Siberian tiger.


Take a peek at these lavish photos uploaded to Instagram by the children of drug lords who love nothing more than flashing their existence.


Women and guns are a major theme of these photos

Case in point

Times 3

Gold plated weapons are also a popular theme


As are women in bikinis

And if a tiger is thrown in, all the better

Accordions, for some reason, are also big with the drug lord kids

A baby tiger and piles of cash

Helicopters and extravagant cars are always on the menu


These are worth more than an average house


Artillery is thrown in for good measure



Gucci bag filled with cash


And more cash


Designer shoes, and oh yeah, a gun



Did we mention gold-plated guns?