Kim & Kanye Come Undone – Is There a Divorce Ahead?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are sick and tired of their uneasy marriage? A report from the couple’s close friends admits that Kimye is having a hard time, while their closest friends try to convince them not to take any measures in a rash. If the couple can make it through this tough holiday season – it will come out to be an unbreakable bond as strong as it can be, a close friend claims.
It can be the third divorce for Kim Kardashian, 36. While for Kanye West, 39, it is the first marriage for a couple of long engagements. The couple has gone through a few harsh incidents lately. Kim became a victim of an armed robbery in Paris this fall and Kanye voluntarily went for hospitalization, because of suffering from exhaustion and sleep deprivation. Of course, the couple is having some hard time. Kim admits to still have some robbery flashbacks and only her kids can be able to give her some relief. Kimye’s two children – Saint and North – have often been cared by nannies during these pessimistic events.
And it doesn’t seem like things are winding down for either one of the stars. It looks like focusing on the families well-being is not the top priority. Kanye left the hospital after his breakdown and almost immediately went back to work. And the worst was yet to come. While performing at the SAP Centre in San Jose, California, the famous rapper claimed that he didn’t vote in these elections, but if he did, he would have voted for Donald Trump. A source says that Kim was extremely unhappy with her husband’s political statements.
Rumor has it that Mr West has never been the best husband during their two-years marriage. It seems like Kanye takes every single opportunity to make the Jenner family frustrated while throwing inappropriate comments on the families friends from time to time. Some close friends say, that Kanye really lost it and is trying to control his wife’s every move, photo and even the circle of people she meets. While doing that he also finds it right to insist on Kim changing her fashion style, dying her hair and even making some face injections.
To top this marriage situation of – Mr Kanye West took to twitter about his financial problems.
Kim is sick of his drama and attitude. Will the situation change for the better or are we going to witness a new celebrities divorce this year? We shall see.

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