Kim Kardashian Already Misses Barack Obama!

It was during Donald Trump’s swearing in as the United States 45th President, Kim Kardashian was busy sharing old photos of Kim, husband Kanye West and daughter North with a former Commander-in-Chief interacting with Barack Obama and his family.

Kim was not ready to let go of Obama as she’d written that she was thankful to Obama for leading their country and that he would be missed. There were a few meetings between Obama and Kardashian over the years. She and Kanye had attended charitable events in honor of the President despite some contradictory remarks Obama had given about Kimye in August 2013.

It was while speaking to Amazon staff in Chattanooga that Obama said that Kim and West were polluting the American Dream by creating unrealistic goals to fulfill. Obama stated that kids a few years back were not noticing what Kim wore or where Kanye vacationed or considered them to be measures of success.

Delving into the matter, Obama said that culture had changed today. We were not introduced to things we didn’t have like kids were today as there was no exposure to the rich and famous’ living manner.

So Kim and Kanye describing their gold toilets, and exhibiting their wealth on social media over the years, conveyed a wrong impression. Ironically, this had to lead to the Kardashian robbery in October. The $4 million ring Kim had shown off on Instagram and Trigger gave reason to armed muggers to break into their Paris apartment.

Kim was charged with looking poor in social media photos after the incident as she learned from her past mistakes. She had finally realized it was dangerous flaunting luxury items to millions of people, proving Obama right.
Kim wasn’t the only one in the family to admire Obama on his last day at the office. Even Khloe Kardashian had shared a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama on her Instagram account with the ex-President’s quote- ‘I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change- but in yours’.

She had also added that she was somber at his departure but was lucky to get to watch it directly. She had also stated that she wished he would enter history books.

Now the question is if you too will miss Barack Obama as President or if you are excited to find out what Donald Trump will do?