Kim Kardashian Spotted Without Her Engagement Ring in Rare Post-Robbery Appearance

Kim Kardashian was missing a key part of precious jewelry while out and about Saturday night time, in what marked another rare public sighting of her since she survived an armed robbery in Rome two months ago.

The 36-year-old was photographed driving an SUV, with her 1-year-old boy, Saint, in the back again seat and friend Brittny Gastineauin the front passenger’s chair. Kim did not appear to wear her engagement ring from husband Kanye West, instead wearing a plain gold wedding band.

The reality star has largely kept out from the public eye since robbers held her at gunpoint in Paris and stole at almost $11 million worth of her charms, including one of her diamond rings that was reportedly an”upgraded”20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamonds diamond ring Kanye had given to her in September. Kanye had proposed to her in 2013 with a15-carat ring.

Kim has not recently been photographed with an engagement ring shown since the robbery. She gone, nevertheless , gone totally ring less while out and about before, although rarely.

Kim and Kanye have recently been the subject matter of breakup rumors. None she nor the artist, who has been laying low himself since his medical center stay for exhaustion, has commented about the reviews.

A source had told E! News last week that Kim and Kanye were together at their Los Angeles home and appeared “very sweet collectively and were very much together. ” Another source had said the two are “strong” and doing fine as a couple.

Kim was ringless when she was spotted in New York hours after the robbery. A day ahead of the incident, the girl had appeared at an event in the location putting on on her ring ring finger a massive emerald-cut gemstone ring similar to both rings Kanye gave her.

Gastineau had spent time at Kim and Kanye’s Bel-Air home Saturday. She posted on Snapchat footage of the couple’s giant Christmas tree and outside holiday decor. Upon Friday, Kim had surfaced in friend Jonathan Cheban’s Snapchat. He had shared a video of her and Kanye’s tree and she can be heard talking in the background.

As the source remarks, previous to her terrifying Paris, France robbery, Kim was almost never without her engagement ring – but since, she is never been photographed while wearing it. This could, in part, be credited to previous reports that Kim blamed herself to be too “flashy” prior to the robbery, and so she’s decided to keep her jewelry to a minimum when in public just to feel safer. This theory also is sensible given that the most expensive piece of precious jewelry stolen from Kim during the robbery was a 20-carat diamonds ring meant to be an “upgrade” to her original 15-carat gemstone.

But given the journey that Kimye has been on lately, it’s similarly possible Kim’s choice not to wear her engagement band is a sign that the two are on the rocks – or, at least, that they’re just taking some time to work through exactly what a stressful and scary couple months it’s been for they are all.

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