Kim Kardashian’s Excitement Over Removing Stretch Marks

“Sayonara” is what 36-year old Kim Kardashian said to some stretch marks on Snapchat last Sunday. Though she hadn’t disclosed which body part was treated, she had Beverly Hills cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian laser off some stretch marks. Ourian had also lasered off stretch marks from Kim’s breasts in 2014, and her appointment was broadcast on her reality show.

Kim said that she was so excited that she had finally done it as she was afraid of its pain. She stated that she loved Dr. Ourian and was excited that it didn’t hurt that much. Ourian had tightened the skin around Kim’s belly button without surgery about a week back and had posted its video with Ourian on Snapchat.

She said that she had spent her Saturday with Dr. Ourian and that though it hurt, it was worth it. She added that she had never imagined she would love and hate someone at the same time. She also said that those who had babies and knew what it did to the belly button would realize how much they needed Dr. Ourian to tighten the skin around the belly button and look healthy.

Ourian removes stretch marks by cooling the skin and then uses a CoolBeam laser to sublimate surface cells and remove 10 millionth an inch of skin tissue a time. It cost between $2,900 and $4,900 per area but gives permanent results and recovery is within a few days. He has treated Kim’s family members like her sister Kylie Jenner with a lip filler.

Kim has been in the news for plastic and cosmetic surgery many times. She had told Nightline in 2010 that she wasn’t against plastic surgery and that if she removed her bra, everyone would tell her to get them done. She also said she had never done her nose.

She had also undergone Botox injections and was shown having an adverse reaction to one on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2010. She even told E! News that she hated it. It was because of tabloid reports that she had revealed through Instagram that she didn’t use fillers or Botox in pregnancy. This was in 2015 when she was pregnant with her and Kanye West’s youngest son Saint West.

She had written that you had to be sick to risk your child’s life like that and that everyone who had gone through pregnancy or gained weight knew that their face changed. She said that her nose had become bigger, lips were swollen and cheeks were fuller, and the challenge was to apply make-up so that she felt normal.

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