A Knot finally Tied between Steven Yeun and his longtime lover Joana Pak!

Believe it or not! Steven Yeun is now a married man. The Walking Dead superstar Steven Yeun, 32, best known as Glenn Rhee married his longtime lover Joana Pak. The wedding was held on Saturday in a romantic ceremony at the prestigious Paramount Estate in Los Angeles. Yeun and his lover Pak, a professional photographer, tied the knot before their best allies and family. Present in the wedding were Yeun’s co-stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Sarah Wayne Callies, Melissa McBride, Emma Bell, Chandler Riggs and Allana Masterson. Sarah Wayne took a nice photo with Lincoln’s wife and Instagrammed it just before the occasion commenced. Tears of joy were shed.

If not yet convinced, take a look at the picture on Instagram posted by Kayce, Joana’s sister. It just depicts how cute the two angels are. It is strikingly perplexing particularly to The Walking Dead fans, but this is how things were at the Paramount Estate on Saturday. The event was so special and beautiful. It was a day like no other especially to close friends and family members. The fun-filled event made the entire week awesome having gained a brother-in-law at last.

One of the family members Ray Anne made a post of a sweet photo of the two couple making their first kiss. It was so much exhilarating having a whole bundle of new joy in one space. If you are a TWD fan, then you’ve finally seen Yeun’s charming and beloved character. It is just bewildering considering how brutal the show has been.

Taking a little look at Steven’s history, he has had a lot of interest in acting. His turning point came about during his first year when he was at Kalamazoo after watching improv college group, Monkapult. Though he passed several challenges, he finally managed. His biggest role and what made him realize his talent is the part he acted in an AMC horror drama, The Walking Dead. Steven is one of the main and original characters in the show who fights relentlessly with evil for survival. This show has been voted one of the top leading series in TV history. The show has garnered up a significant number of fans from all age groups from 18-49.

More news from media reports states that the couple is expecting their first child. It’s a change in mood especially to TWD fans, but all we say is congratulations to this superstar. We wish them future happiness in their family life.

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