Kylie Jenner Attempts to Shade Bella Hadid, While Supporting The Weeknd

Despite no one asking her what her opinion was, Kylie Jenner felt it was important to give her personal opinion on the ongoing feud between Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid.

As we all know, Selena recently went out on a romantic outing with The Weeknd. The pair were spotted snuggling up to each other at a very romantic restaurant in Los Angeles. The pair were enjoying their meal at Giorgio Baldi over the course of three hours and were waited on by a private server. Then they continued their after party elsewhere.

Those who were there said the pair appeared to be very happy. That the kissing and the hugging was genuine, as was the look of purse joy.

While the pair had a great moment together, the true firestorm would begin when the photos from their date would go viral. That’s because Bella Hadid who recently broke up with The Weeknd also was a close pal to Bella. So when Handid unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, it was obvious things were getting ready to fire up.

It was leaked by TMZ that this wasn’t a new romance either. That Gomez and the Weeknd were both dating for the last few months. All behind the back of Bella.

An unnamed source that is close to Bella and her camp has stated, “Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do. But I guess that’s just Hollywood.”

Bella hasn’t said anything more than posting a picture of her back to the camera and holding up a middle finger. She left little imagination to what she felt about the entire situation.

So what does all of this have to do with Kylie Jenner? Nothing much per se, but as in typical Hollywood fashion, Kylie Jenner took to snapchat to serenade her fans with a cover of The Weeknd’s “True Colors”. Clearly we know which side she is on and it’ll be interesting to see if there is any more catty behavior that comes out of this incident.