Kylie Jenner Takes High School Prom by Surprise

We all know that giving back is the most significant aspect of a teenage reality show star. I’m sure that’s why stars almost go crazy with all of the overwhelming choices of exactly what they could do to give back to others.

Why would Kylie Jenner be any different?

The latest act of goodwill from a star of the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” took a local high school by surprise. After getting rid ex-boyfriend Tyga, who she accused of only being with Kylie for financial benefits associated with the Kardashian brand, the 19- year- old reality TV superstar attended a Sacramento high school prom with Albert Ochoa.

The other prom attendees went nuts as soon as they recognized Kylie. After all, it’s not like she tried to hide her stardom. The teens realized one of the most popular TV reality stars was there to share the special night with them. 

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Jordyn Woods, long-time pal of Kardashian, was along for the wild ride. If Kylie intended the prom to create a stir, then the night was a roaring success. The sister of Kardashian’s date for the night posted a video on Twitter of her brother hugging the reality star on a raised balcony. Meanwhile, the students below could only watch in awe.

Once the embrace finished, Kylie responded to everyone with an ear-to-ear smile. Then she touted her own show by demanding everyone at the event sign petitions to keep the show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” on the air. There just had to be a diva moment, right?

After news surfaced last week of the breakup between Kylie and Tyga, sources confirmed that Kylie landed her own E! Reality series. In light of the info, several sources also claimed that Kylie and Tyga split. Could all of this hype include a major set up to build an audience for the new show? Stay tuned!

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It would be difficult to imagine Tyga not trying to work his way onto the show. He’s probably trying win some extra screen time to promote his music that no one wants to hear. Imagine how many of the Kylie’s fans would rush to buy Tyga’s new album simply because he dates a Kardashian.