Kylie Jenner’s 2017 Calendar Incorrectly Marks Her Birthday

In a goof up there can hardly be justified, one of the Keeping up with the Kardashians stars, Kylie Jenner, mistakenly marks her birthday in the 2017 calendar. This 19-year-old reality TV star released her very own 2017 pinup calendar, but the joy was short-lived as fans quickly pointed out that the calendar marks something very wrong. It is Kylie’s own birthday!

Now, we don’t know what Jenner’s team was up to while making the calendar, but they certainly botched it big time. Instead of August 10, the calendar shows the reality TV star’s birthday to be on August 20. Now that’s not just a simple mistake; it is an error of massive proportions.

While some fans are fuming and some are taking the entire situation lightly, it has to be said that this isn’t the first time Kylie Jenner faced issues with a project. On last Tuesday, she tweeted that she will be no longer posting on up anymore, after revealing that are a very personal post regarding heating up her sex life with the boyfriend and spoiling him by cooking went live.

Jenner tweeted, “a post went live today quoting something that I never ever saw or said.” Very personal posts that I’d have never have shared and would never approve. And it’s unfair to me that you think that those were my words. I apologize, and I know we’ll figure something out so that all of us are satisfied.”

In the month of August on the calendar shows of a racy picture of Kylie Jenner wearing nothing but bikini bottoms that are very skimpy along with a birthday cake. In case if you didn’t get it, she’s dressed in the birthday cake to hide her breasts. She can be seen noshing on a wee bit of cake as well.

The 19-year-old also teased some photos from December month on Snapchat and Instagram. The front cover shows a blonde version of Jenner wearing a crown and lacy lingerie, while the back cover portrays the Kylie cosmetics founder lying down on the ground with nothing but a boa constrictor draped across her backside. Now isn’t that something!

Jenner made no lack of efforts to tease her fans as she also shared a sneak preview of a photo for the month of April. Her birthday date might have got goofed up for some reason, but her spirit is still cheerful and happy. “I want to keep the remaining photos a secret for now because I want you to be surprised,” she further teased.

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