Lamar Odom Celebrates Holidays in Style

Lamar Odom, the well-famed retired NBA player who had to overcome a near-death experience back in October 2015, is happier than ever. He made a quick recovery at the beginning of the year, and it seems his life has been soaring since then.

The towering 36-years old Los Angeles Lakers ex-member has managed to flash a smile to all of this friends and seemed ecstatic while being surprised together with his ex and his children at Disneyland this weekend.

On Sunday, Lamar seemed to be in high spirits as he spent some great time with his ex-wife Liza Morales and his two kids, Lamar Jr. and Destiny. They were surrounded by several of Lamar’s best friends, and the whole atmosphere was one of peace of happiness. Just look at the big smile Lamar is flashing while hugging his daughter. (link to the photo below – )

Khloe Kardashian might not be that happy to see her ex surrounded by so many friends. However, what she thinks matters less. What really matters is that one of the most loved basketball players of the decade has perfectly recovered and is able to keep his promise and stay away from all those “negative influences” that have plagued his life for so many years.

Lamar had a low-key 37th birthday earlier this year. If one year ago the athlete had a nearly fatal overdose, today his life seems to be thriving. Lamar wanted to keep his birthday simple, and he succeeded. For a few months now, it seems that Lamar has succeeded in staying on the right path. If you watch the photo below, it’s hard to imagine that the near-death experience happened just 12 months ago. Fortunately, some people change for the better, and Lamar is one of them.

If Lamar continues to thrive, all of his constant relapses might soon become an ugly story of the past. According to, sources close to Lamar say that they still fear for his life. However, all of his friends, including ex-wife Liza Morales, concluded to the press that “Lamar is doing a lot better and he is spending a lot of time with his family”.

We can only remain positive and hope that Lamar will overcome any temptations he might face. His family and we all will remain by his side.

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