Lamar Odom Has Moved On After Divorce From Khloe

Whenever someone mentioned Lamar Odom’s woman, you’d most definitely think of Khloe Kardashian. Well, that’s juts history, since they officially got divorced in October 2016. 

After just about two months after the divorce, Lamar was spotted with an unknown lady as they were leaving Club Delilah. Apparently, the 37-year-old former NBA star has moved on and seems to be enjoying his current relationship, or is it just an affair?

The Rocky Relationship With Khloe

The Kardashians are no strangers to controversy, which is even displayed in their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So they want us to keep up with them huh! Well, just so you know, Khloe first filed for divorce from Lamar in December 2013. Reason being? Lamar’s drug abuse and infidelity. 

Speaking of which, Lamar almost died in 2015 after an extreme drug and alcohol use. The 6 foot 10 inches former basketball player overdosed in a popular Vegas brothel. During this time, Khloe had already filled for the divorce. She ended up canceling the divorce and take care of Lamar, who slipped into a coma for three straight days. 

Again, Khloe filed for a second divorce on May 26, 2016, after Lamar’s full recovery. It was a shock to Lamar, who had hopes of reuniting with his wife of seven years. Khloe spoke on their reality TV show citing that Lamar is not putting effort to help himself, while she was offering all her support. That is why she decided to move on and file for the divorce, which was a done deal in October. 

Moving on 

While you might think Lamar rushed things up, Khloe is already dating an NBA player, and they are expecting a baby together. SMH! On the other hand, Lamar’s special physique could never go without attracting a female lady. On Friday, December 2, Lamar was seen in West Hollywood leaving a club with an unidentified woman. 

Apparently, the two were together during the day, when Lamar was relaunching his clothing line. Some claim that she is just a part of Lamar’s PR team or his business partner. Nonetheless, an insider reports that the two are more than just business associates. Even if she is his latest catch, there is no problem with that. After all, controversial Khloe is already carrying another NBA player’s kid in her womb. 

So will a new woman in Lamar’s life change him? Will he give up on his drug abuse? Time will tell. Anyway, the mystery woman needs to have patience if he wants to date the former NBA player. Khloe tried but gave up in the end. Let’s see how the two will be in their new relationships. 

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