Latest Update on the Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery: An Inside Job?

Per Le Monde, French newspaper, the heist involving 5 armed assailants who targeted Kim Kardashian back in October may be an inside job. Police continue to conduct investigations, and have discovered that one of the 17 suspects of the Paris robbery who were arrested in France included the family’s private limo driver.

The report was confirmed to E! News, revealing that the 27-year-old limousine company driver was the last to chauffeur the TV personality prior to the incident, who would have known all of her movements. Moreover, among the 14 men and three women, five are burglars averaging 55 years of age. The oldest suspect was identified as Pierre B, who is allegedly the ringleader of the crime.

The 72-year-old man was arrested at his villa located in Plascassier village near Grasse town. Two individuals in police custody have been spotted in the city of Antwerp, Belgium, where the stolen jewelry worth millions of dollars are believe to have been taken. One of which was Kim K’s diamond ring said to be an upgraded engagement ring from husband Kanye West, a huge 20-carat gem crafted by Lorraine Schwartz, given to her in September.

DNA found on a piece of evidence that was used to tie up Kim matched police records that served as their lead. Authorities spent days watching CCTV images captured around the hotel, and months on surveillance before the arrests. The suspects’ homes are currently being searched by the police with any newfound evidence seized. All 17 people will remain in custody for up to 96 hours and held for questioning, until they are ultimately charged or released.

Shortly after the robbery on October 3rd last year, an insider told E! News that the KUWTK star is doing better. However, there’s still a long recovery ahead, along with the help of professional counseling. Sure enough, Kim’s family, especially her mom and sisters and husband, were quite supportive.

Despite her loved ones at her side, Kim K. tends to paranoid. Just this January, she recalled how the criminals intended to shoot her in the back and the thought itself gets her very upset. In fact, the mother of two has recently stepped back and returned to social media after her long break from the public eye, considering what she had experienced.

Though it seems she’s greatly relieved. According to her French lawyer, Jean Veil, his client is truly happy, satisfied and reassured to a certain extent with the progress and efficiency of the country’s law enforcement.

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