Lindsay Lohan is a no-show at Christmas tree lighting

Former child actress Lindsay Lohan has had a tough time over the last decade, with all the legal and emotional turmoil she had to endure as a result of a persistent problem with alcohol and drugs. Among her recent mishaps include being a no-show at a Christmas lighting event in a town in England. The 30-year old actress conveyed her apology to all the residents of Kettering, blaming her busy schedule for her sudden cancellation. 

Lohan previously posted a series of tweets regarding Kettering, asking where it is exactly. This caught the attention of Phillip Hollobone, a local legislator, who then invited the embattled miss Lohan to switch on the lights in Kettering. Representatives of the actress promptly agreed and accepted the invitation, but they do not have any control over Lohan’s moods so there was a 50-50 shot that she’ll show up at all. 

In addition to her apology, Lindsay also sent a video message wishing the people of Kettering a Merry Christmas. Council Chief for Kettering Borough David Cook said they do not begrudge the sudden cancellation, although they are ostensibly disappointed. Citizens of the town were apparently looking forward to meeting the lovely Hollywood star and share the joyous occasion with her. 

There is no way to tell whether Lohan was actually busy on the day of the Lighting, but her fans would certainly want to give her the benefit of the doubt. Over the past few years, acting gigs for Lindsay (whether for TV or the big screen) has considerably dwindled down. While Tinseltown loves gossip and scandal, the powers that be, i.e. producers and directors prefer to work with someone who is known for her professionalism. Given LIndsay’s attitude in public in recent years, many are still hesitant to hire her for anything other than 30-45-minute interviews. 

Many still remember the heartbreaking journey that Lindsay had to make in order to stay clean and sober. Oprah is one of the few people who took a genuine interest in helping the poor girl through the ordeal. The Queen of Talk Shows made a special series that followed Lohan’s recovery and how she made it through on the other end. 

Lohan’s avid fans can only hope that he continues to get better and make good on her promise to stay away from drugs and alcohol. She does seem to have mellowed out and abandoned her formerly destructive ways (at least in public), but whether or not she can make a major comeback is a completely different saga altogether.

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