Lisa Marie’s Ex Husband Won’t Face Charges of Sexual Misconduct

Lisa Marie Presley, recently discovered hundreds of sexual abuse photographs in the possession of her now ex Michael Lockwood. While the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has opted to stop exploring further due to a lack of evidence a crime took place in the state, Lisa Marie isn’t going down without a fight.

The 49 year old daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley has filed divorce paperwork and has recently managed to avoid paying spousal support, thanks to the situation at hand. However, the judge watching over her case has ordered Lisa Marie to give Michael $50,000 to handle his current legal fees.

This isn’t the first time Lisa Marie has faced controversy. She was married two years to Michael Jackson before ultimately calling off their marriage. This was shortly after appearing in Jackson’s You Are Not Alone music video. Lisa Marie followed this with releasing three studio albums including the platinum To Whom It May Concern featuring her biggest hit, Lights Out. A cover of the Eagles Dirty Laundry would be released amid other personal woes and after a duet with father Elvis failed to chart, Lisa Marie took a break.

Out of the spotlight for some years, her relationship with Michael Lockwood appeared to be healthy and Lisa Marie was active in the church of Scientology for a period of time too. She appeared happier and more in love than ever before. But when she discovered the child pornography in the home, she was left devastated and quickly removed her twin daughters from the home. After reporting the crime, the girls were placed in the custody of the state. Currently, there are over 80 additional devices that are being scanned still for evidence that Mr. Lockwood did commit a crime.

Despite the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation calling it quits at this point, if there is anything that should appear on the devices, the investigation could be reopened. While there is no telling how much longer that could take, it would seem the case is quiet at least for now.

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