Malia Obama is Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein’s New Intern

Since President Obama stepped down from his office as the U.S. President, Malia Obama has been making her own moves.

E! News confirmed that Michelle and Barack Obama’s elder daughter is the new intern of the famous film producer,Harvey Weinstein. According to the source of The Hollywood Reporter, the eighteen-year-old is to begin her work in Weinstein’s New York office—the Weinstein Co. in the coming February. She will start after the end of her family’s Palm Springs vacation.

Page Six of the New York Post reported about Malia’s internship last Thursday. The representatives for the Weinstein Co. did give any comment at all. On the other hand, representatives for the Obamas did not respond immediately. The Hollywood Reporter stated that Malia may work in the development or marketing departments.

Malia was also an intern on the New York set of the HBO series “Girls” by Lena Dunham. She also spent some time on the L.A. set of Extant—the CBS series starring Halle Berry—back in 2014.

“Malia has expresses some interest in film-making,” Michelle shared with “People” in 2012.

Because of her exposures, Malia’s first acting or film-making gig should come soon. The brilliant young woman took a gap year after her high school graduation. She will be attending Harvard University this coming autumn. Malia is a young woman, who is evidently enthusiastic and passionate about her interests. It is a joy for Barack and Michelle to support their daughter, every step of the way. It will be no surprise if she turns out somebody great someday, in her chosen field.

Meanwhile, Barack will be working on his presidential library. At the same time, he will be writing a book and setting up a foundation. Michell is currently working on an accurate memoir.

“I am not going to Wall Street… The amount of time that I’ll be investing in issues is going to be high. But it’ll be necessarily in a different capacity,” Barack shared during a recent 60 Minutes interview.

“I’m going to spend time with Michelle. You know, we got some catching up to do. We’ve both been busy,” Barack added. At this time, Sasha Obama is still attending high school in Washington, District of Colombia. Who knows? Maybe she will be following the footsteps of her parents and big sister.