Marc Anthony and Shannon de Lima’s Divorce Now Official

Confirmed, Marc Anthony and his wife of two years, Shannon de Lima are now officially separated. The 48-year old Anthony and de Lima released a joint statement to respond to rumors about their divorce. News from ET says that the couple began calling it quits a month ago. The two confirmed on Sunday that their move to divorce was mutual. Further, additional news confirms that they decided to split and end their two-year marriage after considering several things. They, therefore, request their privacy be safeguarded during this overwhelming process. They further added that there would be no additional comments to be made concerning the matter. According to the insider, their relationship was not working and didn’t share much in common. The two had no children in their marriage.

Anthony, 48, Latin singer and Shannon romantically tied their knot in a ceremonial wedding held on November 11, 2014, in the Dominican Republic. They started dating way back in 2012, a few months after separating with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. They had been in the marriage for seven years and had a 9-year old son. Anthony and De Lima took a short break in 2013 then reunited in 2014 after the Grammy winner’s award video. Surprisingly, after their divorce with De Lima, Anthony seems to be still in good moods with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez. In fact, they were not afraid to share a kiss on stage during the Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday, November 17. They performed an enchanting show where Anthony was honored with the Person of the Year Award. They still continue working together and currently they are planning on producing their new album to be released in 2017.

Though the couple kept their separation secret, Felipe Muniz, Anthony’s father unfolded it in an interview with Telemundo Puerto Rico’s Dando his son’s concert held at the beginning of this month. Felipe said that Anthony is going through a tough moment, but he understands how to accept the outcomes since he’s passed through several separations. Before this, Anthony had married two times. He and his first wife together with Puerto Rican, actress Dayana Torres married four years before splitting in 2004. The couple had two sons. Furthermore, Anthony shares twin daughter and son with Jennifer Lopez, pop superstar who he married after divorcing with Torres. They separated in 2011, and their marriage came to a halt in 2014. Five months after that is when he married de Lima. Many are now puzzled on whether Jennifer Lopez is to blame for Anthony and de Lima’s separation.

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