Mariah Carey Debuts Her Relationship with Dancer Bryan Tanaka in Hawaii

Her new reality show Mariah’s World is premiering on E! on December 4, but that’s not the only thing going on in the singer’s life. Famed entertainer and renowned singer Mariah Carey has been heating up with a new flame just months after she called it quits with her fiancĂ© James Packer.

The Australian businessman and star had been getting quite close– close enough to be engaged– when their engagement and relationship suddenly ended in a flurry. The reason why the two split is still unclear, but it seems that cheating or money had less to do with it, and the split was more a decision mutually made.

Now Mariah is moving on– in more ways than one! Backup dancer Bryan Tanaka appears to be the new love in her life– or at least of the moment! Carey and Tanaka bared their relationship to the world while showing some serious skin and affection in the middle of a Hawaiian beach. Note to self: if you’re ever going to release your new relationship to the world, you must absolutely do it on the fine white sand shore of a Hawaiian beach. Obviously!

Marian and the singer spent the vacation together over Thanksgiving weekend. Naturally, the tropical nature of the beach serves as a pretty impressive backdrop for any pap shots that are to be had. The two were not at all shy about their attraction, even kissing on the beach at the gorgeous Grand Wailea Resort in Maui. The new romance comes seemingly out of nowhere, but those who have watched the trailer for her new show know that the chemistry is noted by her team, who wonders what they’re going to do with Bryan.

Bryan Tanaka wasn’t the only one attending the holiday– friends and family were also there, including ex Nick Cannon. Last that celebrity gossip fans knew, Carey was jetting around the world with the wealthy Packer. The next minute, she’s frolicking on a beach with her boyfriend Tanaka. A lot can change in just under a year!

Reportedly it was the relationship BETWEEN Carey and Tanaka that caused her former lover to get jealous. Perhaps the chemistry was there all along and just the wrong time, wrong place? Rumor has it that Packer even confronted the dancer backstage and made sure he was banned from a show at Caesar’s Palace (sitting out with an injury).

You will get to watch the drama and decide for yourself– it’s all documented on the eight-show series Mariah’s World. The show airs December 4, 9 pm ET/PT on the E! Network. Get your popcorn ready and sit back– there’s a lot of drama about to unfold.

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