Did Mariah Really Serenade Goldie Hawn?

Mariah Carey and Future did a duet, or did they?

It is reported that MC did a Happy Birthday-themed duet for Goldie Hawn with the Atlanta-based rapper. You’d wonder how that duet sounded; Future’s trap music blending with Mariah’s high-pitch voice. Apparently, MC denies ever dueting with Future, which raises questions from everybody.

A few days ago, November 21, TMZ posted that MC attended Goldie Hawn’s birthday party as she was celebrating 71 years. The party was held in L.A at Catch restaurant, where the rapper and singer did an impromptu duet for Ms. Hawn.

When she was being interviewed on E!, MC denied doing a duet with the trap music rapper. She actually laughed it off and was surprised to hear about it. Above all, she claims that she had a cold, and there was no way she could sing at that moment.

Coincidentally, Future was also celebrating his 33rd birthday on the same day. MC claims that she only wished him a happy birthday and that was it. Really? Reports claim that Carey and Future had a lengthy chat before they decided to serenade legendary Hollywood star, Goldie Hawn.

And by the way, Future wasn’t really there for Goldie Hawn’s 71st birthday party. He was only attending DJ Khaled’s book release party that was in the same restaurant.

The restaurant was filled with all the dominant celebrities in America’s entertainment industry. Singers, rappers, and movie stars attended Khaled’s book release party and Hawn’s birthday party. The party was organized by Kate Hudson, Goldie’s daughter and other attendees included Goldie’s partner, Kurt Russel and their sons, along with other family members.

The birthday party was only for Kate Hudson’s mom closest friends, who were about 15 in total. Kate also shared several photos of the ladies enjoying the birthday dinner party.

Khaled’s book release party featured celebs like Will.i.am, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj, Ben Savage, L.A Reid, and, of course, Future. Goldie, who is an active social media user, commented on her daughter’s post with three warm words; my beloved family.

The reports of Mariah and Future serenading Goldie Hawn might be true because she told E! how she is Kate Hudson’s fan, and how she loves her, as well as the mother. But really, do you think Mariah could leave such a celebrity-packed venue without showing them what she got? Probably not. Then again, why would reports of the two doing a duet come up? If they really did a duet, there might be a possibility of them working together in the future? SMH! Work together in the future with Future, interesting.


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