Meghan Markle Speaks About Her Food Habits

The secret behind the slim figure of Meghan Markle is finally out! Contrary to the general belief that she eats a strict diet and follows a stringent workout routine, the eating habits of this famous actor from TV series Suits’ are pretty calorific. In an interview with Delish, the actor spoke about how much she loved eating French fries, pasta sauce, and steaks along with red wine. Her choice of dessert was a pretty amusing one. 

As per the actress, she likes French fries and vino more than anything and her favorite wine is Tignanello. She is so frantic about the wine that she named her website after the name of the wine. She is also an ardent fan of wines like Argentinean Malbecs, the French Cabernet and Pinot Noir from Oregon. While the actress wants to live her life enjoying these drinks, but she has to get into a healthy eating habit when it is show time and she has to stand in front of the camera.

Markle begins her working day with squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water. A typical breakfast for the actress would include steel-cut oats, agave syrup, and bananas. She completes her lunch with a protein-rich salad which is followed by an apple with sea salt and almond butter which is taken as a snack in the evening. At dinner, the actress eats pasta with zucchinis and parmesan and she calls it a day with her favorite, a glass of red wine. The actress depends on green juice to boost her energy which she takes to beat the afternoon slump.

On days when she is not filming, Markle pampers herself with cheese and toast for breakfast and French fries with seafood for lunch. The dinner, however, is a lighter one with a simple soup.

The actress also spoke about her cooking secrets. While serving steaks, she loves to squirt the steak with lemon to add to the flavor. While cooking pasta, she tosses it with a creamy zucchini sauce which tastes like being loaded with butter, but all it contains is slow cooked zucchini, water and a bit of bouillon.

The actress further revealed that her skin looks clear as she stays away from glutens. That is why, even though she loves pasta, she hates having it while she is filming. While traveling, Markle loves to live on pasta and always returns home with Comida’ the name that she has given to the food baby that develops after the high-calorie foods that she takes during the vacations.

You might guess that the passion for cooking and her food habits are what impressed Prince Harry towards her.

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