Mike Comrie — Hilary Duff’s Ex — is Caught Up in Sexual Battery Investigation

Mike Comrie, the ex-husband of Hilary Duff and former NHL player, is involved in a legal matter regarding sexual battery. Currently, the matter is being investigated by law enforcement in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Comrie is accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a woman he met in a bar. Comrie denies the allegations and has stated all sexual contact was consensual. Another woman is confirmed to have been involved with the alleged incident. This woman has not reported filed any charges or made any accusations.

The woman who has made the allegations went to a hospital to receive a rape kit examination. Currently, the police have not made any confirmations that Comrie is a suspect. The investigation appears to be on-going.

Comrie achieved fame as a professional hockey player for a number of top NHL teams including the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins. The Houston, TX-born Duff remains a popular actress with a storied career. The two are divorced, but seem to be on good terms. The two were seen together at the popular and exclusive Il Pastaio restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Clearly, Duff is showing public support for her ex-husband amidst the allegations. The Los Angeles Police Department has not given any specifics regarding the investigation. In time, clearer details are sure to be released.

Comrie and Duff were married in 2010, but the two where divorced in February 2016. Duff and Comrie have a young son named Luca. The two remain somewhat close in order to best help their son during the difficult situation of being in the middle of a divorce.

Comrie and Duff are not likely going to be getting back together. Duff has a new paramour in the form of Matthew Koma. The two recently were seen vacationing together. Duff released pictures of the two on their holiday on social media.

Comrie’s name remains in the news due to the sexual battery investigation.