Mother Monster And Kate Moss Shine In The British Fashion Awards

Kate Moss and Lady Gaga have been friends for a long time. Though Kate has been a model for almost her entire life and Gaga has been a pro in the music industry, they both have a similar interest, fashion. 

On Monday, at the British Fashion Awards that took place in London, Lady Gaga and Kate looked stunningly beautiful in black dresses. They grabbed the attention of the paparazzi and the attendees as they walked on the red carpet.

The two came separately, but they hooked up while inside the Royal Albert Hall, where the fashion event was taking place. This is the biggest fashion-based event in the UK, which saw many celebrities and models show up in gorgeous attires. 

Gaga and Kate hugged as they posed for the camera. Their friendship was well displayed by how the hugged. You’d almost think they are a couple. 

Speaking of friendship, Gaga showed her support and sisterhood towards Kate when she helped her out in 2015. Kate was wasted when she had a night out at Club Haussmann in Paris. Gaga played her role as a friend and helped the model out of the Club. She even went to the extent of taking a picture with the then-wasted Kate. It isn’t easy to find a celeb associating with a wasted buddy, even if they are great friends. Most of them are only focused on their public image, but Gaga put all that aside. 

The Fashionistas 

Kate might be a 41-year-old model, but she still got her groove. She was dressed in a classic black floor-length velvet dress, and also had a black fur jacket. On the other hand, singer Lady Gaga pulled off a classic black halterneck dress as well. However, Gaga happened to steal many people’s attention, thanks to her dramatic dress train. Also, Mother Monster had attended and dominated another fashion event, Victoria’s Secret Fashion, which went down in Paris. 

Lady G didn’t just come to attend the fashion event and walk down the red carpet to pose for the camera. Rather, she had a chance to perform some songs from her most recent studio album, Joanne. Apparently, Joanne is Lady Gaga’s middle name. 

Celebrities from across the world came to show off their fashion, while others reminded people just how sexy they are. Some unexpected guests like Marilyn Manson also attended the event. In the long run, Gigi Hadid ended up wearing the model of the year crown. Kate Moss isn’t getting any younger, so is she going to take a break off the runway? Regardless of her decisions, she still is a woman with a sweet taste of fashion.

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