The New Single ‘Green Light’ from Lorde Has Come to Make You Start Dancing

If you had anticipated that Lorde would be delivering some serious tunes for you to listen to, its time to think again!

The singer from Kiwi had released her song ‘Green Light’ on Thursday, which is absolutely entertaining and will make you roll down your windows and start dancing in your car like you had never danced before.

While some of her older songs had a slower pace, ‘Green Light’ is something different altogether. It’s a cheerful number that will just flow through your body, making you want to dance.

While the lyrics are contradictory as they relate a not so happy story, it’s the music beats that make you think that there is something cheerful in the song. Some of the lyrics she sings are ‘She thinks you love the beach/ You’re such a damn liar / Those great whites have big teeth / I hope they bite you’, which doesn’t seem so cheerful!

Taking a look at Lorde will tell you what we want to say. She has released a music video that Grant Singer had directed along with it. You can see her dancing and enjoying herself through New York City in the video. You’ll see that no matter where she is, walking down New York streets or standing atop a car, Lorde tosses and flicks her hair like there’s nothing to worry about tomorrow.

Lorde is seen painting the town red in a pink dress, enjoying the night, which ends only when the sun rises.

The 20-year old singer had publicized news about her single on Wednesday and had assured her fans that the number would make them dance. She had tweeted that she was really proud of the song, and that it had different vibes and was rather unexpected.

She had also stated that the song was funny, sad, happy and complex and would make you start dancing. She had also mentioned that the song was the first chapter of a story she was going to narrate about the last 2 wild and radiant years of her life, and that was where she had started.

‘Green Light’ is the first single of Lorde’s highly expected album Melodrama.