The NFL is not forever Kim Zolciak talks to Kroy Biermann’s Career Future

There is a new addition to the family of Kim Zolciak. But you don’t have to feed the addiction. She recently launched a new skincare line. Kim Zolciak was celebrating his 38th birthday when he launched his skin care line. It was on December 7 on The Don’t Be Tardy Wednesday when she launched her new line of products. The episode is apparently covered in the US weekly’s sneak peek.

From the Bravo series, there is a preview clip showing the star preparing for the launch of the company. In the clip, she appears to keep the news about the company under wraps. The clip is shown before the start of the event where she was to celebrate her birthday. Most guests are perplexed about what the big reveal might be.

The celebrity family believes nobody knows what they are about to explain to their guests. Most of them think they will announce a new baby to them. Zolciak tells her husband the guests will think they will announce a new baby. With her husband Kroy Biermann, they keep everything under cover till they start the celebration before they reveal to the guests. They are having another baby, but the baby is referred to as Kashmere, which is a new skin care line. The celebrity family will like to new skin care line to be just like another Este Lauder or even Lancome. Their ambition is to make the brand hit just like other brands which have been in the marker for so long.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta advise her to try different products. It is better for the family to venture into different businesses so that in case their current family business dries up, they will have somewhere to access income. Biermann, who is 31, is currently dealing with free agency at NFL and he is not certain of where he will play next. The family is trying to venture into the skin care products so that they will have a reliable income for their family in the future.

According to the family, NFL is not forever. She says it while gesturing to Bravo cameras at the celebrations. She wants the business to be an empire for her and the family. The empire she believes will last for long to support the family life for long.

The clip in some parts shows a US reporter in an interview with Zolciak at the birthday party. The celebrity admits of deleting messages from her daughter Brielle’s accounts on social media.