Oliver Hudson Mocks The Romantic Rumors of Kate Hudson and Brad Pitt

Those tabloids you see at the grocery store you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

It comes as little shock that the overzealous headlines of those checkout rags are anything further from the truth.

So when Kate’s song Oliver saw a cover from Star that claimed that Kate and Brad were involved in a relationship, he opted to speak out. Taking to social media, Oliver noted that it has been a nightmare with Brad because he drinks out of the carton, uses the restroom with the door open and has driven a wedge between him and his brother, while losing the youngest of Oliver’s kids at the beach. All of which are completely fabricated accounts of course, but to show the audacity of how silly these rumors can become.

With his fans egging him on, he continued that his mother’s flirting it becoming over the top. All while she wears her nighties and never takes them off. Of course, Oliver isn’t the only one who has something to say about this relationship.

Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn was recently asked what her opinion of her daughter dating Brad Pitt was. All Goldie did was give a polite laugh as she left the market she was at.

Oliver has since continued to joke about the situation on social media at the mockery, and his famous friends think it is a great marketing move on his pot .This includes him publically writing that is time for Brad to finally move out and to give Oliver back his life. Of course, this is after he offers to smoke one more bowl with him as they part. Along with a snarky comment about finding the actors medical bracelet that he definitely needs to return.

It’s a good thing Oliver can take this in fun, as Brad and his mother continue to be photographed together.

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