Celebrities Before and After Fame

Amy Winehouse
Sometimes fame can wreak a little havoc. Would you want to be famous?

Angelina Jolie
Like fine wine, Angelina has only got better with age.

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold was definitely a total hunk in his youth.

Ashley Tisdale
Disney Star Ashley Tisdale hasn’t changed much, though I don’t think her hair color will ever stop.

Bill and Hillary Clinton
It is them! They met at Yale Law School in 1973. Hillary and Bill look unrecognizable as they enter their hippie phase.

Brad Pitt
He was stealing hearts even in the 80’s. Brad is known to be one of Americas best-looking actors.

Bruce Jenner
He was surely a handsome fella in his youth.

Chace Crawford
Chace even as a teen with a choker and a layered v-neck is still a heartthrob.

Colin Farrell
Collin proves that he even had swag when he was a teenager waiting for his big break.

David Hasselhoff
Sexy! David rockin’ the fro. There was no mistake here it’s just clearly the ’70s.

George Clooney
This stud rocked his long luscious locks back in the day but got better looking with age.

Janet Jackson
Yep, that’s Janet! She went from looking like the girl next door to a very well-known pop star.

Jennifer Aniston
The beautiful Jennifer! We all agree that she hasn’t aged a bit.

Keanu Reeves
This Canadian actor, producer, and musician went from long shaggy hair and a leather jacket to his hair combed back with a clean-cut suit.

Keifer Sutherland
Not sure about the “Police mustache” look. We love you anyway Keifer.

Lady Gaga
She always had a weird crazy style, even before the fame.

A major pop icon! She always had the best costumes.

Michael Jackson
He changed so much throughout the years.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole knew how to rock the perm! She is known for her timeless beauty.

Pamela Anderson
A young beauty. She never needed a touch of plastic surgery.

Pierce Brosnan
Pierce was just trying to find his character. I guess the macho man one didn’t really work but that’s okay because if it did we wouldn’t have James Bond.

Being a famous musician made him a lot more stylish. Wouldn’t you say?

Teri Hatcher
Time doesn’t work on this women! She looks identical to her before photo.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria at the begining of her carrer, I guess she decided that blondes have more fun.

Zac Efron
We really do miss your cute gap Zac, but we will settle for your smokin’ hotness, I guess.