Celebs you did not know were couples

Adam Brody & Leighton Meester
Leighton finally found her prince charming.

Amy Poehler & Nick Kroll
Talk about a funny couple!

Catherine Keener & Dermot Mulroney
Twelve years of marriage and the night is still young.

Chris Pratt & Anna Faris
The celebrity power couple! They have been married since 2009.

Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy
They are both so elegant. They met in 2006 while filming Evening and got married in 2009.

Amber Tamblyn & David Cross
Just creating memories at the season 3 premiere event of IFC’s Portlandia.

Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart
Harrison Ford looking good with his arm around Calista Flockhart.

Helen Hunt & Hank Azaria
These two lovebirds arrived at the premiere of Hank’s movie “Mystery Men.”

Jaimie Lee Curtis & Christopher Guest
Making an entrance. They have been married for 30 years!

Janet Jackson & Matthew McConaughey
This relationship was very short lived. That is probably why we didn’t know.

Jeff Goldbum & Kristin Davis
Jeff and Kristin were 12 years apart, but that didn’t stop them from dating.

Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg
These two have been together since 2001.

John Corbett & Bo Derek
It’s time to get hitched! They have been dating since 2002.

Josh Charles & Sheryl Crow
They only dated for a short period of time.

Julia Roberts & Liam Neeson
I think Julia had a thing for older men. They had a brief relationship when she was 19 years old and he was 35.

Garrett Hedlund & Kristen Dunst
They fell in love while filming on the road.

Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet
What? These two have been married since 2007!

Paul Thomas Anderson & Maya Rudolph
They have four kids but they are still not married yet. That’s right, FOUR!

Micheal Emerson & Carrie Preston
They have been together for 16 years.

Michael Sheen & Sarah Silverman
Opposites attracted! This very timid guy is married to the bawdy comedian Sarah.

Mireille Enos & Alan Ruck
They have been together since 2008.

Megan Mullaly & Nick Offerman
These two comedians must have the best laughs!

Paulina Porizkova & Ric Ocasek
They have been together for 32 years. Talk about true love.

Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli
Looking sharp! They have three kiddos together.

Lauren Graham & Peter Krause
It might be a little strange for fans because they play brother and sister in the show Parenthood, but you can’t stop love.

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz
They are a very good looking couple, aren’t they?

Scott Foley & Jennifer Gamer
Married and divorced but they still are good to look at.

Cobie Smulders & Taran Killam
This funny pair has been married since 2012.