Hollywood’s Sexiest Shirtless Men

Calvin Harris
What can we say? He makes amazing music and has the body to match.

Chord Overstreet
I think I spot a little happy trail. What do you think?

Colton Haynes
I think we can all agree that it should be against the law for Colton to wear shirts.

Derek Hough
Toning abs and looking like a beast.

Look at those abs! He is going hard-core. We love you Drake.

James Franco and Keegan Allen
I mean come on, look at Keegan Allen’s sexy briefs and James Franco’s chest hair! It can’t get sexier than this.

Jason Derulo
Who doesn’t love a shirtless and greased up Jason Derulo?

Jay Pharoah
Sweaty, shirtless, and handsome. I’m guessing he had a good workout.

Kevin Hart

Kevin, you can keep grilling and we will just sit back and watch.

LeBron James
Get it! LeBron James putting in work.

Liam Payne
No one will mind a little chest hair, especially when you have a body like that.

He’s claiming this island as his. With a body like that, you can claim whatever you would like Ludacris.

Matt Bomer
We like just a towel on you Matt, maybe that should be your thing.

Parker Young
We know you guys are just messing around but goodness!

Ricky Martin
Leave it up to him to pull off that swimsuit and look like a stud.

Tim Tebow
This former NFL player is seriously in good shape.

Tyson Beckford
Wake up Sunshine! Tyson showing off his chiseled abs.

Vin Diesel
He’s proving all the rumors of the “dad bod” wrong. Vin Diesel showing off his fit physic at the beach.

Zac Efron
Zac showing off his sexy toned bod in the movie Baywatch.