Stars With Their Adorable Pets

Ariana Grande
Ariana’s bloodhound, Lafayette, begging for some more attention and maybe a couple dog treats.

Cara Delevingne
Cara, just on a daily stroll with her pup. Make sure you are checking both ways for cars!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Smile for the camera! An everyday family pic.

Chelsea Handler
Chelsea stealing some kisses from this patriotic pup.

Eva Longoria
A kiss on the nose for her French bulldog, Popeye, shows real true love.

Hilary Duff
Hillary getting a big ol’ wet one on the lips from her pooch.

Ellen Page
Ellen just loving this pup, he is obviously more interested in squirrels.

Justin Bieber
Oh Bieber, always making people jealous, and now it’s dogs! He is giving all the love to the “newest addition to the family” Phil, a black Labrador retriever, making his other dog, Esther, jealous.

Katharine McPhee
Katharine and her adorable Chihuahua, Wilmer, just being twins with their silly matching tongues.

Olivia Munn
Taking to take a brief stroll and catching some fresh Atlanta, Georgia air with her cute dogs, Frankie and Chance.

Reese Witherspoon
There is nothing like your adorable dogs to get your workout juices flowing.

Chrissy Teigen
Having the “big brother” talk with her pup.

Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers’ brother in disguise with a perfect stash, thanks to this proud pup.

Sarah Hyland
This pup is clearly the best fit for a lap dog.

Derek Hough
Derek getting his fill of some adorable puppy snuggles.

Lucy Hale
She’s carrying twins! Twin pups to be exact.

Elle King
Happy to be alive! Elle and her cute pup, soaking in some rays and cheesin’ for the camera.

Erika Christensen
Love at first site! Erika getting some major smooches on the face from this cute little puppy.

James Maslow
James and this two-eyed colored pooch looking pretty suspicious.

Kerry Washington
Kerry getting sweet licks on the cheek from her little furry friend.