These Mugshots Show 30 Celebrities Who Are Having A Really, Really Bad Day

There’s something satisfying about seeing a celebrity mugshot. Many people believe celebrities can get away with whatever they want, whenever they want. When we see a celebrity mugshot, we learn that they make mistakes just like we do, andĀ at minimum, need to spend a night or two in a sweaty drunk tank just like anyone else.

Half of the amusement comes from the realization that celebrities have moments they are not proud of. Moments where they are hopefully humbled and learn from their mistakes. The other half of the amusement comes when the photos are taken without the help of award-winning make-up artists and costume designers that result in an A-list celeb looking like a complete trainwreck.

Some celebrities are arrested for serious crimes such as child abuse, sexual misconduct, assault, reckless endangerment, and even murder in some cases. We have seen famous people arrested for grand larceny, tax evasion, and insider trading. For the most part, celebrities get popped for possession of a controlled substance such as marijuana and cocaine while others decide to test their fates by getting behind the wheel after they have had one too many drinks.

Either way, the lesson is that anyone can get arrested for anything at any time.

Unfortunately, we typically tend to forgive a celebrity. We gloss over the severity of their crimes, and focus on how they are able to please or entertain us through catchy singles and blockbuster films. Some celebrities never seem to learn their lesson and become career repeat offenders.

Regardless of the length of time celebrities spend in custody, we can be entertained by the variety of mug shots that end up beingĀ released to the public through the media. Let’s collectively grin at some of the most insane, hilarious, and heart-breaking celebrity mug shots ever taken.

30. Coolio

Coolio is most well-known for his song Gangsta’s Paradise, and apparently tried to maintain his street cred in 2012 when he was arrested by Las Vegas law enforcement. Coolio was originally pulled over for a routine traffic violation. Police found two active bench warrants accumulated from multiple traffic violations.

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