Ph.D. Candidate Creates Best Road Trip Ever

If you want your next road trip to be as memorable as possible, seek out the help of a computer.

Randy Olson, a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State University created an algorithm that would help you create any kind of road trip you like.


All you need to do is pick out a list of stops for your trip and the computer does the work for you. If your criteria is to stop in all 48 states and only make stops at nationally-recognized sites; your map may look something like this:

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Olson said you don’t need a background in computer programming in order to make your own version of the map.  You can use web services like Route XL to do it for you.


All you do is enter up to 20 destinations into Route XL, and the site will do the rest.  It will also find the shortest distance between destinations in order to make your route as efficient as possible.  If you want more than 20 stops, you can pay to add more destinations.

So grab some friends whose company you won’t mind for a few days and get out there!  Whether you cruise the Pacific Coast Highway or drive across America, you’re bound to find something to delight you.

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