Pinterest Catches Kelly Ripa in Chilling Earlier Days

You pay a price for vanity and Kelly Ripa is the perfect example. Stumbling upon pictures of her earlier years posted in Pinterest, Ripa recalls a horrifying fact, we all grow older.

Kelly appeared to grow increasingly depressed as she pointed out pictures from a younger era to her husband, Mark Consuelos.

“Look at how young I am, look at our kids, look how tiny they are, look how good my hair was. Look at my good outfit.”

Most people find humor in old photos and taking a trip down memory lane, but Ripa felt only depression and despair.

The soap opera star and natural performer hates the fact that her once youthful looks are now being suggested as a fashion statement of today, for the younger crowd, that is.

Current co-host, Jerry O’Connell, found this explosive tone of vanity to be comical as he shared chuckles with the¬†Live! with Kelly¬†audience.

Is reality really that hard to take? To Ripa, it is. Especially when she wakes up in the morning and sees her husband with the same glow as earlier years.

“Mark,” she says, looks “exactly the same” as he did years ago, which is “really nuts.”

“I think he gets better with age, which is starting to irritate me,” Ripa said. “I used to, like, wake up early and like, look at him and am like, ‘My God, he just wakes up like that.”

Kelly is finding out that vanity breeds insecurity in women while men only get better with age. What a depressing thought.

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